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Updated May 24, 2018



Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt takes the issue of safeguarding your privacy very seriously. We have created this Privacy Policy in order to better familiarize you with the information we collect from hotel guests and website visitors, and the way in which Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt uses this information to better serve the needs of our guests.



What is Personal Information?



The term "Personal Information" refers to any information that can be used to identify you as an individual. It can include, among other things, your name, address, age, gender, personal financial history and Social Security number.



How is Personal Information Collected?



Reviewing Our Website



Initially Upon Contact With Our Website


When you visit our website, you are initially given a "cookie". If you do not want to accept cookies, you can block them by adjusting the settings on your Internet browser. Visitors should understand, however, that rejecting cookies will affect their ability to benefit from the conveniences afforded by the use of cookies, and they will not be able to use certain customization features associated with creating a user profile.



While Browsing Our Website


While in the process of browsing our website, you also provide us with information that does not reveal your personal identity –While you explore our website for the information that interests you, we may ask you for Personal Information, such as your name, zip/postal code, e-mail address, and phone number.



In the event you choose to provide us with this information, we will use it only for the purpose we have specified to you. We will e-mail you only if you want us to, and you can choose a number of alternate methods by which to receive a reply to a request. Your transmittal of your personal data shall constitute your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. If you wish, you may also submit your e-mail address in order to be placed on a subscription list or to receive other information. You will be placed on these lists only when you indicate your desire to be included. In deciding whether or not to join such lists, please note that they are only used for internal purposes – we do not sell or rent our lists to anyone. In the event you choose to join one of our lists, you may ask to be removed from the list


at any time. Visitors will always have the ability to accept or decline any form of communication from Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt.



When Making a Reservation



When Making a Reservation on our Website


Visitors to who elect to make reservations online via the reservations engine will be required to complete a reservation form where you will be asked to provide specific Personal Information, including your name, address and contact information, as well as deposit information to confirm your reservation, such as your credit card number. Your transmittal of your Personal Information shall constitute your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy.


Your credit card number will be verified using a checking sequence, and your credit card will be charge the deposit as indicated. Due to the personal nature of the information you give when making a reservation through our website, the reservation system is secure, such that your credit card number is protected with the most sophisticated encryption technology available and is transmitted on a private network.



When Making a Reservation Through our Office


Reservations can also be made by calling our Reservations Office at 800.943.3210. When you make a reservation we may ask you for Personal Information such as your name, address, telephone number and method of payment. We may also obtain from you any room preferences or special requests. Confirmation of your reservation will be provided to you.



During your Stay at Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt



During your stay, we record your itemized spending to properly assemble your folio, which sets out your room rate and other expenses billed to your room. We also record this information to comply with financial reporting requirements, including those imposed by our auditors and government regulators. Information particular to your stay may also be stored (i.e. health issues, payment difficulties). This stay-specific information is stored at Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt and is combined with information from previous visits that you have made to the Resort. We may also collect certain information as required by local laws (e.g., passport number).


In addition, we may retain the content of any document (including comment cards, electronic documents such as e-mails and other similar forms of communication) that you send us before, during or following your stay. This information may be shared with employees of the hotel but will not be shared with any third party.



How do we store this information?



At the Resort


Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt goes to great lengths to ensure that all Personal Information is kept in a secure location. Furthermore, we take steps to ensure that only designated individuals have access to this information.



We also store other transaction information, including the number of stays at Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt and the number of nights each stay. We do not share this information with other hotels.



What information is not secure?


It is important to note that any e-mail communication is not secure. This is a risk inherent in the use of e-mail. Please be aware of this when requesting information or sending forms to us by e-mail (for example, from the Contact Us section of our website). We recommend that you do not include any confidential information (i.e. credit card information) when using e-mail. For your protection, our e-mail responses to you will not include any confidential information.


Finally, Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt cannot expressly warrant the operation of the reservation website and/or matters relating to its security once you log on, as it is not our site. To be prudent, please be sure to always close your browsers when you are done using the reservation site. Although the session will terminate after a short period of inactivity, it is best to close your browsers immediately upon completion, since while you are logged on it is easier for someone to attempt to get access to your profile.



Why is Personal Information collected?



To Provide Superior Customer Service


Personal Information is collected to assist us in making your reservation and providing the services you request, to ensure we meet your needs while you are staying with us and/or to allow us to contact you in relation to matters that arose from your stay with us.



Furthermore, by keeping certain Personal Information on file, such as information regarding guest history and itemized spending, former guests of Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt have the ability to confirm prior transactions and reconcile statements or invoices.



To Keep Our Guests Informed


We may also use this Personal Information to advise you of promotions or to inform you of offers or other information that may be of interest to you.



If you do not wish to receive information from Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt, you may opt out at any time upon receipt of communication.



How do I revise my Personal Information?



If at any time you wish to update your Personal Information, you may do so by contacting us by Mail:


Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt


PO Box 2000


Merrywing Bay, Anguilla AI-2640


British West Indies










PO Box 2000, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, AI-2640

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